If you’re someone who spends a lot of time writing on the computer, then you might be familiar with Grammarly. For those who aren’t, Grammarly is a tool that basically helps to check your grammar as you write, pointing out your mistakes along the way. Now it looks like Grammarly is coming to your mobile device by way of an iOS keyboard.

The company has recently announced the launch of the Grammarly Keyboard. As its name suggests, this is a keyboard app for iOS devices that will bring about the same functionality as the desktop tool where it will help users correct their grammar as they type on their phones, which should hopefully help users avoid awkward situations when their posts are filled with grammatical mistakes.

According to Grammarly, “Developed by some of the world’s leading authorities on linguistic technology, Grammarly’s algorithms not only catch context-specific grammar and spelling mistakes, but also the kind of confusing sentences that leave your colleagues (or worse, your boss) wondering what you’re talking about.”

At the moment it appears that the Grammarly Keyboard is only available on iOS devices, but according to the company’s post, the Android version is coming soon, so if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to download the app via the iTunes App Store. However we should note that there is a version on the Google Play Store which is a bit confusing.

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