Huawei Claims To Have A Better Facial Recognition System Than Apple

Image credit – CCTV

When Apple debuted the iPhone X with Face ID, many probably wondered when Apple’s Android competitors would start following suit with systems of their own. However analysts suggested that the TrueDepth system gave Apple a 2.5 year head start on the competition, but Huawei claims to have a solution already.

Huawei recently unveiled its new Honor V10 smartphone, and at the end of the presentation the company teased a depth-sensing camera system that seems to mimic Apple’s TrueDepth setup, and apparently the company is boasting that their system is better. Just like TrueDepth, it will rely on infrared and a projector to map the user’s face, but apparently it can capture 300,000 points in 10 seconds, which is 10 times more than what the iPhone X is capable of at the moment.

Huawei is claiming that it will be secure enough to be used to authenticate mobile payments, and can also be used to log into the handset where it will take as little as 400 milliseconds. While it does sound promising, the only problem is that it does not appear to be ready yet. The system has yet to be officially integrated into any of Huawei’s products, and the company did not mention when it would be available either.

So while on paper it could be better than TrueDepth, until Huawei actually ships it, it seems like Apple will still be holding onto their lead.

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