The virtual keyboard on our smartphones are one of the most basic features that one would expect from smartphones, but it seems that even sometimes the most basic things can go wrong. Such is the case with iPhone and iPad users who are encountering a weird autocorrect bug on their devices.

If you haven’t noticed it yourself, it seems that users when typing on the iOS keyboard and when they press the “i” key, it will autocorrect itself to an “A” followed by a question mark symbol. Note that this seems to be an issue with iOS 11.1 and the good news is that Apple has acknowledged the bug and is working on a fix.

In the meantime the company has provided users with a workaround in which they can set a text replacement for the letter “i” if they are discovering that this has become an unbearable issue for them. It doesn’t seem that this is an issue that has affected all iOS 11.1 users, but if you are affected then Apple’s support page will tell you how to fix it temporarily until an update has been released.

Unfortunately this is the second bug that has been recently discovered in iOS 11 that seems to have affected the basic functions of the phone. Earlier this was an issue with the iOS Calculator app that would not register inputs if they were typed too fast.

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