Lamborghini has unveiled a new supercar concept that’s unlike any other we’ve seen from this company before. The Terzo Millennio, which means the third millennium in Italian, is described by the company has the world’s first self-healing supercar. The vehicle will be able to detect and repair cracks in its body work. Lamborghini teamed up with two laboratories of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop this concept.

There will be sensors all over the car’s body which the Terzo Millennio will be able to use in order to perform a health check. If it detects any damages in the body work, the car will repair itself by filling the crack with nanotubes to prevent it from spreading.

It’s an all-electric supercar concept that’s powered by supercapacitors instead of traditional batteries. The supercapacitors are made with carbon so that they can be formed into the car’s body panels. It’s possible to do that because they’re both smaller and lighter than conventional batteries.

There’s also an energy storage system that enables rapid charging and allows the car to hold more power than a battery.

All four wheels have their own integrated electric engine that glows as the car is driven. The concept car looks very futuristic while retaining classic Lamborghini design elements.

It’s unclear when some of the tech highlighted in this concept will filter down into the company’s production cars.

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