We’ve all been guilty of doing stupid stuff when we were younger, probably because we never really thought about the gravity of our decisions and the consequences. Take for example, police in Utah pulled over a car only to discover a 5-year old behind the wheel driving where his reason was because he wanted to go to California to buy a Lamborghini.

According to the police, a highway patrol trooper was driving when he noticed a car that wasn’t driving properly and was driving extremely slowly (35mph in a 70mph zone). The trooper initially assumed that this was someone who was impaired or maybe experiencing a medical emergency, but to his surprise when he got the car to pull over, he found a kid on the verge of tears with both his feet jamming onto the brakes.

The trooper managed to help the boy put the car into gear before questioning him, where in the video above, the trooper can be heard saying, “How old are you? You’re 5 years old? Wow, OK. Where did you learn how to drive a car?” Both the boy’s parents were at work and he was supposed to be watched by an older sibling, but he somehow managed to give them the slip.

It was also later discovered that despite the boy’s dreams of buying a Lamborghini, it turned out that he fell a bit short in terms of cash where he only had $3 in his wallet.

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