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Mining for cryptocurrency requires a lot of power, thanks to the powerful hardware that is typically used in mining rigs. This means that those who want to mine for cryptocurrency need to think about their electricity bills, and whether or not the cost of running such a rig is worth the effort.

However it seems that one miner might have figured out a way to mine for cryptocurrency in a greener fashion, which is by hacking his Tesla Model S to do the mining for him, as you can see in the photo above that was shared on Facebook via the Tesla Owners Worldwide group. But doesn’t recharging the Model S require electricity? Of course it does, but it seems that this has been offset with the free access to Tesla’s Supercharger networks, which means that his costs only involve putting together the rig, notwithstanding the cost of the car itself.

However as Electrek points out, there are some technical and ethical issues with this setup. In terms of technical, the constant drain on the power means increased use of the battery pack, which ultimately means that it will degrade faster than it normally would if you used the Model S purely for driving.

There is also an ethical issue where the Superchargers were definitely not designed for such purposes, and that some might have a problem with such setups that hog the Superchargers for non-driving purposes. However as a proof-of-concept, it is pretty clever, but whether or not such a rig is sustainable in the long-run remains to be seen, but what do you guys think?

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