Tesla recently unveiled its first electric semi truck. The company had hyped up this vehicle quite a lot in the months leading up to its launch. Tesla has now revealed the prices for its semi truck. The base model with 300 miles of range is going to start at $150,000. It appears to make sense to some companies as Walmart is one of the first retailers to confirm plans for testing Tesla’s electric semi trucks.


The company has confirmed that the Tesla Semi is going to retail at $150,000 for the base model that promises 300 miles of range. There’s also a model that offers 500 miles of range and that’s going to cost $180,000.

Tesla is also selling “Founders Series” semi trucks that customers can buy for $200,000. They will have to pay the entire balance at the time of reservation and this will give them the privilege of receiving one of the initial 1,000 Semis that are produced.

All other customers can reserve their trucks with a reservation price of $20,000. The price isn’t all that expensive when compared to conventional diesel trucks. An entry-level model costs almost $100,000. Since Tesla’s is an electric truck, the company promises that customers will save more than $200,000 over the life of the truck compared to its diesel counterpart.

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