Tesla has recently taken the wraps off their new Roadster, which they are claiming it to be the world’s fastest production car. For the most part Tesla’s offerings have typically been catered towards the consumer market, but what about those who might have need for something a bit more industrial?


It seems that Tesla has expanded their offerings and instead of just making electric cars, the company will now be making electric trucks too, which the company has unveiled in the form of the Tesla Semi. The company had previously teased the announcement of the vehicle and now it has been made a reality. Unsurprisingly Tesla’s take on electric trucks is in line with the design of the rest of their cars, sleek and futuristic, or as Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has described it, “designed like a bullet”.

The Tesla Semi will feature a 500 mile range and will come with features like Enhanced Autopilot, jackknifing prevention, sensors that can detect blind spots, data-logging, and more. The Semi is also relatively fast for a truck, with Tesla boasting 0-60mph in 5 seconds when empty, and 0-60mph in 20 seconds when filled with 80,000 pounds of cargo.

Tesla is also promising and guaranteeing that the Semis will not break down for at least a million miles. That being said, Tesla is definitely not the first to the market with an electric truck. Companies such as Daimler and Mercedes-Benz also have their own electric truck offerings, all of which seems to indicate the direction that many of these companies are heading.

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