Twitter has been working on a new feature that will let users save tweets in their timeline that they want to read or refer back to in the future. It started working on this feature last month and Twitter has now revealed that this feature is going to be called. Twitter is going to call it Bookmarks, which is as apt as it is predictable.


The only way you can save a tweet on Twitter right now to come back to later is by “liking” it. That’s done by tapping on the heart icon. It gets the job done but this action notifies the user and also indicates that you “like” that particular tweet even when you may not.

The confirmation about the Bookmarks feature comes from Tina Koyama, one of the staff product designers at Twitter. Tina revealed that Twitter has selected different versions of how this Bookmarks feature will look and work. It will start testing them in the Twitter community to see which is most preferred.

Reports suggest that the Bookmarks feature will live in a menu in the bottom right corner of a tweet on mobile or in the dropdown menu in the upper right corner on desktop. It will also be available when sending a tweet in direct message or creating a Moment.

Users will be able to view bookmarked tweets via their profile page. That’s also where the Lists and Moments can already be found.

Twitter is yet to confirm when the Bookmarks feature will be rolled out for all users.

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