Through the creation of consumer-grade drones, many doors have opened up when it comes to photography, videography, or just entertainment in general. However as with all technology, there is also the potential that it can be abused, like used for spying on neighbors or getting in the way of the authorities.


This is why drone registration programs are popping up around the world, such as over in the UK where drone owners might have to attend classes. In fact in the UK, a new bill has been proposed where it could potentially give the police more power over drones, such as the ability to seize drones should they believe that the drone is being used illegally, like flying into areas that it shouldn’t have or just getting in the way.

The bill will also enforce the rules that were introduced over the summer, such as drones over 250g in weight will have to be registered, and drone owners having to take a safety awareness test. It would also forbid drones from flying too close to airports or above heights of 400 feet. It seems that these rules are welcomed by the pilots’ union where according to the union, there have been 81 incidents so far this year involving near misses between drones and airplanes.

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