Most of us tend to take our fast and stable internet speeds for granted, but there are some parts of the world where having a connection is already considered a luxury. This is why we’ve started to see how some companies are creating “lite” versions of their services aimed at such markets, and YouTube is one of them.

Last year YouTube Go was announced as a means for emerging markets with slow internet speeds to still be able to enjoy YouTube on their mobile devices. However the app was in beta which meant that it wasn’t available to all users yet, but not anymore. YouTube Go has recently exited its beta which means that it is now available to all, or at least in the markets that it is available in.

This includes markets such as Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, and more. The full list of supported markets can be found on Google’s website. For those unfamiliar, YouTube Go is basically YouTube but packaged as a smaller app so as to download quicker and also to take up less space on low-end phones that might not pack much memory.

It also allows users to control the amount of data it uses, as well as download videos so that users will be able to watch them offline when they might not have an internet connection.

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