By now the potential dangers of lithium-ion batteries are pretty well-known, given that we have seen instances where damaged li-ion batteries can swell up, explode, and cause fires. Many probably have also not forgotten that the issue grew to epic proportions in 2016 when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had issues with its batteries.


This resulted in many airlines and airports around the world banning the Note 7 from being brought on board planes. That being said while the Note 7 issue ha since been resolved, the European aviation safety authorities still want to remind passengers about the potential dangers behind li-ion batteries, and are urging airline companies to remind passengers about how to best transport electronics containing these batteries.

Such reminders include how laptops should not be stored in hold baggage, and that devices that are too big to be brought on board the plane should be completely switched off, protected from accidental activation, and also packaged in a way to prevent them from being accidentally damaged while in transport (which could damage the batteries, causing them to swell and explode).

Such reminders aren’t exactly new, but with Christmas and New Year coming up, it probably wouldn’t hurt to be extra careful given that there will probably be many who will be travelling back home or on holidays.

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