There are various apps that you use on your Windows PC that interacts with Google Chrome’s browser, assuming that your browser of choice. Unfortunately some of these apps can sometimes cause Chrome to crash, which can be inconvenient if you’ve got multiple tabs open and are in the middle of doing something.

While Google can’t fix those apps on their behalf, they can do the next best thing, which is to block them to help prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future. According to Google, “Starting in July 2018, Chrome 68 will begin blocking third-party software from injecting code into Chrome on Windows.”

“These changes will take place in three phases. In April 2018, Chrome 66 will begin showing affected users a warning after a crash, alerting them that other software is injecting code into Chrome and guiding them to update or remove that software.” This is just the start because come January 2019, Chrome will always block code injections from third-party software.

This means that the onus will come from the developers to ensure that their apps do not cause Chrome to crash, because if it does then their app’s interaction with Chrome is pretty much over, at least until the issue has been addressed.

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