Ads are the primary source of revenue for online publishers. The vast majority of publishers stick to accepted practices that balance their crucial revenue streams against user experience. A handful of publishers rely on annoying and disruptive ads which is why people tend to use ad blockers. The problem with ad blockers is that they block all ads indiscriminately and this hurts legitimate publishers. Google has built an ad blocker into Chrome but it’s going to function a bit differently. The company has revealed that the ad blocker will start doing its thing from February 15th next year.

The Coalition for Better Ads has a Better Ads Standard to help companies like Google improve users’ experience with online ads. Google announced in June this year that it would support the Better Ads Standards in early 2018.

If a website violates the standards it will be reported to them via the Ad Experience Report. They will be able to submit their site for re-review once the violations have been fixed.

Google today confirmed that Chrome will automatically block all ads from sites that have a “failing” status in the Ad Experience Report for more than 30 days. Ads that don’t conform to these standards will be blocked while ads that do won’t be touched.

It’s different from third-party ad blockers that block all ads indiscriminately. Legitimate publishers have nothing to worry about.

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