Phishing is perhaps the most common way that hackers trick people into divulging their private information online. A person with unauthorized access to your Facebook account can do a lot of damage in this day and age. Facebook has now decided to list all of the security emails it sends users in a bid to combat phishing. Users will be able to see the security emails that they’ve received from Facebook recently online. They can match them with the emails in their inbox to weed out those that might be phishing attempts.


Starting today, Facebook users will see an option to view “Recent emails about security and login” in their security settings.

The option is going to list the security emails and other emails that the particular user has received from Facebook. They will see the email address from which it was sent as well as the subject of the email. is the common domain that Facebook users to send email notifications when it detects a log in or password change attempt.

If users are unsure about an email that claims to be from Facebook, they can check its legitimacy by visiting If they check the tool and find that the email they received was fake, Facebook encourages users to report the email to

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