When Apple launched the iMac Pro, they did not mention when the computer would be available for purchase, save that it would be released in 2018. However it seems that we might have a date on our hands, thanks to a recent Google Search listing in which it suggests that the computer could be launched on the 18th of December, 2017.

It seems that quite a few people have noticed the 18th of December date on Google Search, although whether or not the listing is accurate remains to be seen. However as pointed out that it is possible that Google’s search algorithms could have confused the words “December” and “18 cores” before putting two and two together to come up with December 18th.

However we wouldn’t be surprised if the date was somewhat accurate. After all we expect that Apple will want to take advantage of the holiday sales and launch the computer before then, but like we said Apple has yet to officially confirm a release date so take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully we’ll have an official date soon.

In the meantime we have been hearing some interesting reports regarding the iMac Pro’s hardware specs and features, such as how it could pack an A10 Fusion chipset as a co-processor to handle the always-on Siri, and also how it could feature cellular connectivity to prevent theft.

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