In the past we have seen how Apple has filed for patents for computers, like the MacBook, that could feature cellular connectivity. The basic idea is to give it access to mobile internet, meaning that like the iPhone or iPad with cellular, it can connect without having to rely on WiFi. However for the most part it has existed as a mere idea.

However that idea could soon be brought to life, thanks to a post on Pike’s Universum (via MacRumors) which has suggested that the iMac Pro could come with some kind of cellular connectivity that will allow users to keep track of their computer in the event of someone stealing it.

The site also adds that this feature will be “always on”, which means that in the event the thief turns off the computer, it can still be tracked. This might be a feature that comes in handy for offices that are planning to purchase a few iMac Pros and are looking for a way to potentially protect their investment. Given how much a computer costs, it makes sense that they’ll want some kind of protection.

This cellular connectivity rumor follows a previous rumor which suggested that the iMac Pro could feature an A10 Fusion chipset that will allow users to perform the “Hey Siri” voice command, in addition to other functions that could be offloaded from the main processor.

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