One of the concerns that people have about their elderly parents living alone is that sometimes accidents can happen and no one will know. For example slipping and falling in the bathroom is one of the more common accidents that happen at home, and sometimes this can result in the situation getting worse when not tended to in time.

However according to a recently discovered patent, it seems that HTC might have an idea on how to solve that which is by creating a lightbulb that has the ability to detect falls. It will come packed with sensors but will fit into a standard lightbulb socket. These sensors will be used to determine if a fall might have occurred, and it even suggests that it could be smart enough to pick up on signs of life.

In addition to detecting falls, the lightbulb could also be used to help determine if someone has been sitting on the bathroom for too long, something which isn’t exactly good for health either. That being said, it is unclear if HTC has plans to eventually make this patent a reality. After all connected devices isn’t exactly one of HTC’s fortes, but then again we have seen the company branch out from smartphones, so perhaps creating connected devices could be something they might explore in the future.

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