It is safe to say that despite HTC’s best efforts, the company’s smartphones haven’t exactly been receiving the same kind of attention that we’re seeing paid towards Apple or Samsung, and for the past few years, the company has sort of been struggling in the mobile space, going as far as selling off their smartphone team to Google.

That being said, based on all of this it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that HTC might want to further trim its portfolio in 2018. A report from DigiTimes (via PhoneArena) has revealed that the company will allegedly plan to reduce the number of new phones launched in 2018. Instead the company will be focusing on a single flagship (as previously promised), along with a couple of mid-ranged handsets.

In fact the report goes on to claim that such a handset could make its debut at CES 2018 where a “watered down” HTC U11+ smartphone could be launched. HTC isn’t alone in trimming their portfolio or shifting their focus to other areas. Companies like Sony have also reduced their focus on markets like US, China, and India despite their best efforts.

It remains to be seen what HTC’s next flagship could feature and whether or not it could be enough to bring the company back into focus, but we’ll have to wait until 2018 to find out.

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