With the price that premium flagships are commanding these days, obviously nobody wants to be stuck with a “slow” phone, and if you’re trying to decide between the HTC U11+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, then PhoneBuff might have a video worth checking out as they compare the speeds between both phones.

For those who don’t have a few minutes to spare, at the end of the test it seems that the HTC U11+ managed to walk away the winner. The phone took 1 minute and 21 seconds for the first lap, and completed the second lap (which judge the phone’s ability to multi-task and keep apps open in the background) in 26 seconds.

This is versus the Note 8 which took 1 minute and 31 seconds in the first round and an additional 30 seconds in the second round. The differences aren’t that huge but it is rather interesting especially when you consider that the Note 8 actually comes with more RAM. Both phones are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, with the HTC U11+ sporting 4GB of RAM while the Note 8 came with 6GB of RAM.

It is possible that software might have something to do with this and the tweaks that either OEM made to Android, but like we said, the gap in speed isn’t too huge, and at the end of the day there are other factors that should also be considered if you’re trying to decide between either phone.

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