Following the various allegations of sexual assault against actor Kevin Spacey, Netflix announced that they would be suspending the “House of Cards” series. In fact for a while it seemed like the future of the series was in question as many were wondering how the show would move on without one of its main characters.

However the good news is that if you’re a fan of the series and would at least like to see it come to a conclusion as opposed to left hanging halfway, you’ll be pleased to learn that Netflix will be resuming production of the show in early 2018. This was confirmed by Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos who also expressed his excitement at the very least being able to provide closure for fans.

As expected Spacey will no longer be involved in the show as Netflix has dropped him from the show, so instead it seems that Robin Wright who plays Spacey’s wife in the show will be the new main character, although to be fair over the years the series has given Wright’s character her own agenda as opposed to merely playing a supportive role, so we guess this change just means we’ll be seeing more of her.

The sixth season will also be the final season in the series and will only run for eight episodes, as opposed to the previous seasons which had 13 episodes each.

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