We’re sure many gamers are missing the good old days where when you buy a game, you get the game and that’s it. These days developers and publishers are looking for ways to milk their customers for more money beyond the initial purchase, and this comes in the form of microtransactions where gamers can pay additional money for things like skins, costumes, powerups, and so on.

This has caused a bit of controversy in recent times, but the good news is that Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming RPG will not have any of that. In a post on its forums, the developer has stated that there will not be microtransactions of any kind in their game. This was made in response to many gamers who were asking them about it, along with the recent controversy surrounding loot boxes and gambling.

Obsidian also speaks about their partnership with Private Division, their publisher (Take-Two’s indie publishing arm) who they say never pushed them into introducing microtransactions to their games. For those unfamiliar with Obsidian, they are the developers behind titles like Fallout: New Vegas, Neverwinter Nights 2 and its expansions, Pillars of Eternity 1 & 2, and also South Park: The Stick of Truth.

That being said, Obsidian is just one developer who is taking a stance against microtransactions, Whether or not we’ll see other developers follow suit remains to be seen, but if you are interested in the company’s upcoming RPG, know that you won’t have to worry about microtransactions in it.

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