gta_dlc_6The Nintendo NX is only expected to be released next year in March, but more details are expected to be revealed this coming fall. So far there aren’t that many companies who have publicly announced that they will be developing for the console (either no interest or Nintendo has not sent out developer units yet).

However the good news is that Take-Two is interested, somewhat, and according to an interview by The Street, Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick stated that they are keeping a close eye on the development of the Nintendo NX because who knows, it might end up being compelling enough for the company to publish games on that platform as well.

According to Zelnick, “It could be very exciting. You never want to count Nintendo out. They go quiet for a while and then they come to market and do something really exciting. We are very interested and watching closely the development of what Nintendo plans to do next.” It should be noted that this is not a guarantee, but at the very least they are curious.

For those unfamiliar, Take-Two is the parent company to the likes of Rockstar who have produced games like Grand Theft Auto, so it will be interesting to see if the Nintendo NX could be the first amongst Nintendo’s home consoles to have GTA playable on its platform.

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