While on the surface and on paper, most flagship phones these days seem identical, there are underlying differences that can set phones apart from each other in ways that you might not even realize. Recently a test published by PC Mag has revealed that when it comes to LTE speeds on our smartphones, the Pixel 2 could be worth considering.

The test was conducted by Cellular Insights which pitted phones like the Pixel 2, the iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, and the LG V30 against each other in an LTE speed test, and based on their findings the Pixel 2 walked away the winner. Cellular Insights based their test on LTE Band 4 in 2×2 MIMO mode, starting at -85dBm (this measures signal strength) which carried on until the phones lost the connection.

Also what’s interesting is that in the tests, they compared the Intel-based iPhone X against the Qualcomm iPhone X, and it is clear that the Qualcomm model performs better, which might have some a bit concerned about future iPhones which are said to move away from Qualcomm to Intel.

That being said, LTE speeds are just one aspect of a phone that users should take into account, and also note that these are based on carriers in the US. If you live outside the US then the results could be different. Whether or not these speeds are noticeable in your day-to-day use will also depend on your location and also the reception, but if LTE speeds are important to you then the Pixel 2 seems like the phone to get.

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