Have you wondered how hard it is to DJ in a club? On the surface it might seem easy, where you just play track after track, maybe adding a few effects in every now and then. However there is more to DJ-ing than you might think, such as being able to beat match songs, choosing the right songs, watching how the crowd responds, building anticipation, and so on.

This might seem overwhelming to some, but is it something that a robot could do better? Over in a club in Prague, the Karlovy Lazne Music Club, a robot DJ has made its debut. The robot in question is more or less like a giant arm with a pincer. The pincer is used to grab discs from a rack to put them into the machine, with a software teaching the robot how to choose music.

Speaking to Reuters, club manager Adam Lipsansky said, “People are excited (about the robot), because they haven’t seen anything like this around Europe, and I am not sure if there is something similar in the world.” However while the novelty is no doubt a huge factor, some of the club’s attendees weren’t too impressed because like with most robots, it lacks “emotion” and the human touch.

Marcia Lopes, 24, a tourist from Mexico said, “I don’t like the robot. It can’t feel what the people want to dance to. There is no emotion behind the music. When there is a real person, they know, what fun is like.” There has been a bit of debate surrounding robots in certain jobs and whether or not they might be better suited for the task. Recently in Australia a local cafe introduced a robot barista that could make a cup of coffee from scratch.

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