When you think of robotic wheelchairs, you might think of wheelchairs that come with a control by its side that lets the user steer their chair to whatever direction they want, but for the most part despite how hi-tech a wheelchair can be, the way users sit in it has never really changed, at least until now.


Tmsuk has recently developed a wheelchair called the Rodem and as you can see in the video above, the way users sit on this wheelchair looks more like it is giving them a piggyback ride. It is a rather unconventional design, but apparently one that will make it easier for users to reach for things, versus if you were to sit back in a more conventionally-designed wheelchair.

The Rodem can also be controlled using a smartphone so that you can call it to you when you need. It also features a 9.3-mile range before needing to be recharged, and can go up to speeds of 3.7MPH, although it does have an 8 hour charge time which means that you will probably need to plan your day in advance lest you run out of juice halfway.

There are also some limitations to its use, where those who lack upper body mobility probably won’t have much use for it. The Rodem is currently available in Japan where it is priced at ¥980,000 (about $8,700), and is expected to eventually find its way to the UK in 2018.

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