What sets the new iMac Pro apart from the regular iMac? For those who are more keenly-eyed, the lack of a back panel which on the iMac would have allowed users to swap/upgrade the RAM on the computer themselves. However we suppose the more obvious difference is that the iMac Pro is being offered in a Space Grey finish.

However it isn’t just the computer, it is its accessories as well, such as the keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and there’s even a Lightning cable that comes in black, all of which are (at the moment) exclusive to the iMac Pro. As you can imagine, this only serves to create a higher demand and it looks like these accessories are starting to pop up on eBay where they are fetching some pretty insane prices.

According to one particular listing, the iMac Pro’s keyboard, trackpad, and mouse are currently listed on eBay for a whopping $2,500. Yup, you read that right, it seems that there are some who believe that these accessories are worth that much because as it stands, you can’t buy them unless you buy the iMac Pro.

We’re doubtful that anyone in their right mind would pay $2,500 for a keyboard, mouse and trackpad just because it has a special finish, but like we said, if anything this just proves how popular it is. We expect that perhaps in the future Apple could release the accessories to non-iMac Pro customers, but for now it doesn’t seem like there is any other way to get your hands on them unless you’re willing to fork out $2,500.

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