It’s not uncommon for Spotify to make minor tweaks to the user interface of its Android app from time to time. However, according to a new report, it appears that the company is now testing a significant UI change for its Android app. It appears that Spotify is testing a new user interface which features a three-tab navigation system that makes things much simpler.


To be clear, Spotify is only testing these changes at this point in time so they’re not rolling out for everyone just yet. It’s also unclear if that’s going to happen since a test doesn’t necessarily mean that the changes will certainly be rolled out for all users.

The changes that have been spotted so far include the three-tab navigation, larger interface elements, and list views that are simpler.

The Search tab has been revamped to take advantage of the available space. It uses that space wisely to provide additional features.

The consolidation of the navigation tabs is by far the biggest change. They’ve been reduced to three from the existing five. Some users might not like that Spotify is toying with the idea of removing the Radio and Browse tabs. Nevertheless, the new interface does look simpler and easier to use.

Despite the test, it’s unclear at this point in time if and when Spotify is going to roll out these changes to all users.

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