When Netflix’s Stranger Things was launched, it turned out to be extremely well-received, leading the company to ordering a second season for the series. The second season more or less ended on a high note, although it did seem to hint that there could be more to the overall story that had yet to be told.

The good news is that if you wanted to learn more about the Upside Down, Netflix has announced and confirmed that a third season of Stranger Things will be coming. As it stands there is still no official release date for the third season, but we can imagine that we’ll probably have to wait a while.

Netflix had initially teased the idea of a third season when they polled users on Twitter as to whether or not Stranger Things should return for a third season. We’re not sure if there were already plans or if Netflix planned to take the poll seriously, but regardless this is excellent news for those who are fans of the show.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for additional details regarding a possible launch date, so check back with us in the future for more updates. In the meantime Netflix has a bunch of shows in the works that could see a 2018 release, like the second seasons for Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, so there will be plenty of content to keep subscribers entertained.

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