T-Mobile had some interesting news to share today. The country’s third largest mobile carrier has confirmed that it’s getting into the TV game. T-Mobile has confirmed that it’s going to launch its own TV service in 2018. For that purpose, it has decided to acquire Layer3 TV to help with the technical side of things.


“We’re gonna fix the pain points and bring real choice to consumers across the country,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere. T-Mobile is aiming to address pain points like “crappy customer service, clunky technology and outrageous bills with fees.”

T-Mobile is going to build its service for people who live TV but don’t care for multi-year service contracts, confusing bills, closed systems, and bad customer service.

It’s going to acquire Layer3 TV for this purpose. The service delivers TV channels by encoding them with IP and then broadcasting them via fiber optic cable. It seems like T-Mobile’s TV service will be somewhere in between a conventional cable service and a standalone online streaming service.

T-Mobile hasn’t revealed a lot of details about its service at this point in time. It’s also unclear how much it’s going to cost and what channels it will offer.

We can expect this information to surface in the coming months.

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