Serious gamers like having the ability to remap the controller to their preferences. While they’ve been able to do that on a normal controller with the Xbox One, Microsoft didn’t allow them to do that on Windows 10 which lets them use Xbox One controllers with their PCs. Gamers could use third-party apps for this purpose but now Microsoft is finally allowing them to remap Xbox controller buttons on Windows 10.


There’s native support for the controller remapping feature now which means that PC gamers who are using an Xbox controller no longer have to rely on third-party apps for this functionality.

Gamers can use the Xbox Accessories application on Windows 10 to remap the buttons on the controller. They can use the app to change the buttons, swap triggers and thumbsticks, invert axes, and more.

The Xbox Accessories app lets gamers customize their controllers. The app shows an image of the controller which always highlights their current configuration. If they’re changing a lot of buttons, they can see their new configuration all at once.

The ability to remap buttons on the Xbox controller will certainly be appreciated by gamers on PC. They can fire up the Xbox Accessories app right away and start remapping.

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