Battery life on the iPhone is somewhat contentious, namely because in terms of capacity, iPhone batteries tend to be smaller compared to Android devices. However there is some good news for iPhone fans because according to a report from ETNews (via BGR), this year’s iPhones are expected to pack larger batteries.


What’s interesting is how the report claims that this change will come about in the way the batteries are designed. In case you didn’t know, the iPhone X has an L-shaped battery, which already offers up slightly more battery life compared to previous designs. However the report is saying that instead of two separate batteries joined together to form the “L”, this year’s iPhone could feature a single-cell L-shaped battery.

This does away with the need for a connector that connects the two separate batteries, and that in turn this could be used to help increase the capacity of the batteries. Ultimately this means that we could in theory see larger battery capacities for this year’s iPhones. This is actually not the first time we’ve heard about a potentially larger battery, but this is the first time we’re learning about how Apple plans to do it.

However we should note that not all models might get the bigger batteries. An earlier report claims that Apple will introduce a 6.1-inch iPhone model which will feature an LCD display instead of OLED, and might not use the L-shaped batteries, so perhaps that’s worth taking note of.

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