Based on the videos and movies we’ve seen about martial artist Bruce Lee, we all know not only is he an expert when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, but he is also rather proficient at certain weapons. So the question is, if lightsabers were the real deal, how’d you reckon Lee would fare when it comes to wielding them and fighting against them?


Of course that is an answer we’ll never know, but YouTuber Patrick Nan decided to put together a video which combines Lee’s fight scenes in Fist of Fury along with lightsabers that have been digitally imposed in the scene. The end result is not only pretty hilarious, but it is also pretty well done, plus it it also totally awesome to see lightsaber nunchucks (which begs the question is why haven’t we see that used in Star Wars movies before?).

That being said, Nan is facing some copyright issues, presumably due to his use of the movie clip, and it seems that he is also not interested in making money off this video. He writes in the comments, “Please turn on Ad Block! I refuse to monetize my content and bombard my audience with ads. This video (along with every other on this channel) isn’t monotised. I’m fighting some copyright claims right now and they seem to be pretty reluctant to accept my fair-use case. Right now I don’t even have a patreon account, and I don’t plan on making one anytime soon.”

So perhaps checking it out before it is taken down might be a good idea.

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