Last week we reported that there were some Google Home Max users who were reporting that their devices, at least in more recent times, were “killing” their WiFi networks, and that they had to hard reset their modems and routers to get it back up and running again. As it turns out it isn’t just the Home Max that is to blame as other Google devices are reportedly acting up as well.


In a report from Myce, it seems that other Google Home products are also affecting WiFi networks, and also the Google Chromecast dongle. While the initial report suggested that only TP-Link users were mostly affected, the new report is claiming that there are now more users affected by this, including those using ASUS, Linksys, Netgear, and Synology modems/routers.

So far TP-Link and Linksys have confirmed the issue, with TP-Link releasing a beta firmware update for its Archer C7 that is supposed to fix the problem, but it seems that the fix is a bit of a hit and miss for some users and doesn’t seem to be 100%. Google has yet to officially comment on the issue so it is unclear if they know about it and whether or not a fix might be in the works.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information, but if you have noticed that your home WiFi network has been a bit flakey in the past couple of months, then perhaps this could be a potential cause behind the problem.

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