Microsoft is already believed to be working on some UI changes for its Cortana personal digital assistant on Windows 10. According to a new report, the company might actually be thinking about moving Cortana from Windows 10 search to the Action Center. Cortana’s entry point has long been located in Windows 10 search and this is the first that we’re hearing of a new home for Cortana on the taskbar.


It would make sense to move Cortana to the Action Center as it already handles a lot of the notifications on Windows 10 PCs. It may also complement the chat-based user interface that Microsoft is reportedly building for Cortana.

The new user interface will put more emphasis on a text-conversation interaction model with the assistant as opposed to forcing users to just use voice commands when they want the assistant to do something for them.

The report also adds that users will be given the option to filter between or see Cortana’s cards and notifications together in the Action Center. The new chat-based UI is also said to be based in the Action Center since Microsoft will be moving Quick Actions from Action Center and into a new dedicated Control Center.

Microsoft is also reportedly working on a redesign of the Action Center which will be a better fit for all of the new functionality that it wants to put in there. This obviously doesn’t mean that users will no longer be able to use voice commands with Cortana, features like “Hey Cortana” will remain.

It’s unclear at this point in time, though, when Microsoft is going to roll out the update which brings all of these changes to the end user.

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