While pretty much every company out there is putting out a digital voice assistant of their own, it seems that for the most part, they all function in different ways. For example Google Assistant can be used with voice and text, where users can actually talk to Google Assistant by typing out their commands.


Apparently this conversation-like feature is something that Microsoft thinks is a good idea because in a report from Windows Central, they are claiming that Microsoft is trying to make Cortana more like Google Assistant by introducing a conversational UI. This means that if true, users in the future can speak to Cortana like they would when texting a real person, and it will be able to return similar information as if you were to use your voice.

This is similar to chatbots where users can speak to bots via text form to ask them things like the weather, flight availability, reserving a table, and so on, and it is also a feature we’re seeing Apple introduce to Siri in iOS 11. This will be handy for situations where you don’t want to use your voice, or like with Google Assistant, where it is integrated into the OS and it will be smart enough to know when you’re trying to make a dinner reservation and will be able to offer a helping hand.

It is unclear when these changes to Cortana will be made and when they will be rolled out, but if this is a feature you think might come in handy, then you’ll probably want to keep an eye out for it if and when it is released.

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