DJI is best known for its drones and with good reason, it makes some of the best consumer drones that money can buy. It appears that the company is gearing up to launch another drone. DJI has started teasing a new event that’s scheduled for January 23rd. The teaser trailer that it has posted on YouTube suggests that the company might have a new drone up its sleeve.


The teaser trailer has an apocalypse movie thing going for it and it concludes by asking if we’re ready for what’s to come. The slight glimpse that it offers towards the end suggests that it’s possibly a new drone that DJI is going to unveil at its event later this month.

DJI has revealed no further information about what it’s going to be talking about at the event so this has left the floor open to speculation. Some believe that the company might be developing a fixed-wing drone which would be similar to the Parrot Disco.

Some believe that perhaps DJI is just going to launch a new iteration of its popular Mavic drone while others think that it’s going to launch a racing drone. Nothing is known for sure at this point in time.

We’ll have to wait until January 23rd to find out more, that’s when the “Adventure Unfolds,” according to DJI.

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