It was first reported about a week ago that some Google Home Max users were complaining that their devices were “killing” their Wi-Fi networks. They basically had to reset their modems and routers just to get their network up and running again. Subsequent reports suggested that the issue wasn’t limited to the Home Max and that other Cast-enabled devices from Google were causing the same problem. Google has now confirmed that it’s going to release a fix for these Wi-Fi issues tomorrow.

Google responded to complaints indirectly in a page on the Device Support section for Google Home support. It acknowledges the issue on the page and also promises to release a fix for it tomorrow.

Google explains that this issue is caused by having an Android device and a Cast-enabled device like a Chromecast or Google Home on the same network. The bug incorrectly sends a large amount of network traffic which slows down and can “temporarily impact” Wi-Fi networks. It has been working on a fix which is going to be released tomorrow, January 18th, as part of a Google Play Services update.

Fortunately, it’s not a long wait for this fix, but Google advises users to try rebooting their Android phone and check that their Wi-Fi router is running the most recent firmware as a temporary measure.

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