Sometimes camera manufacturers and smartphone makers love to advertise camera megapixels because while image quality can’t really be quantified, megapixels can, with the misleading notion that more megapixels are better. While it is true that megapixels do matter, it only matters in certain situations.

For example if you were only going to upload photos on Facebook or Instagram, megapixels probably don’t matter quite as much as compared to if you were planning on printing a massive billboard advertisement. Now if you’re in a profession where megapixels matter, then it’s hard to ignore Hasselblad’s recently-announced H6D-400C camera, a camera which can capture photos in 400MP resolution.

The camera in normal operation mode is capable of shooting 100MP photos with single exposure, but can bump that up to 400MP using its Multi-Shot feature. This technique isn’t exactly new and has been used in other higher-end cameras, like the more recent Sony A7R III, although the main difference here would be the megapixels.

At its core, the H6D-400C will feature a 100MP CMOS sensor that measures 53.4x40mm, and will have a 15-stop dynamic range, an ISO of 64-12,800, 30fps live view, dual memory card slots, a 3-inch display, HD and UHD video recording, WiFi, HDMI, oh and did we mention its price of $47,955?

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