[CES 2018] Back in December 2017, it started to look like we can expect to see a future in which more laptops will be powered by ARM-based processors. Qualcomm and HP unveiled such a device in the form of the HP Envy x2 12e which is a laptop that is powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset.

However if you’re more of a traditionalist and would prefer an Intel-powered laptop, not to worry as HP has since unveiled the Envy x2 12g at CES 2018, which is basically the Intel version of the laptop we saw last year. In terms of specs, it’s more or less the same as the Snapdragon variant, except that it will be powered by an Intel 7th-gen Y-series processor, which according to HP will offer up a slightly more powerful performance.

Apart from the use of Intel’s processor, the Envy x2 12g will also be slightly thicker and its battery life, compared to the Snapdragon variant, will be shorter at 15.9 hours versus 20 hours. Its accessories are also different, where it comes with a cover stand instead of a kickstand. Also one main difference is that it will run Windows 10 Home, versus Windows 10 S on the Snapdragon Envy x2.

This is actually a rather important point because while Windows 10 S will more or less be like Windows 10, a key difference is that apps can only be downloaded from the Windows Store. This means is that the developer of the app has not made it available via the Windows 10 Store, then you can’t use it.

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