For a company that specializes in fried chicken, KFC definitely needs to give their marketing department a raise because they have churned out interesting (albeit novel) tech ideas time and time again. For example in Canada they have started accepting bitcoin as payment, or remember that time they used bone conduction to deliver music to restaurant goers?


Or how about over in China where they used facial recognition to help make food recommendations? Turns out KFC isn’t quite done with its wacky ideas yet because over in India, the company has unveiled a chicken box that can also double up as a drone. Dubbed the KFO, this box is only for the company’s Smoky Grilled Wings which will also come bundled with detachable drone parts in addition to chicken.

Note that this promotion is only for India and is only valid for the 25th and 26th of January. We also expect that this will be limited in nature which means that not everyone will be able to get their hands on it as we imagine it will sell out pretty quickly. For our readers in India, if this sounds like a promo that you might want to check out, head on over to the KFO website for the details.

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