Sometimes you go to a cafe or a restaurant because you want to catch up with friends over a meal or a cup of coffee, however some venues think that having music playing in the background is a good idea as it adds to the atmosphere. Maybe that’s true, but because we all like different types of music, what’s playing the background might not be for everyone.

Interestingly enough it seems that KFC of all places has decided to do something about it, so much so that over at the KFC Willows branch in Bloemfontein in South Africa, the fast food outlet is testing out the ability to deliver music via bone conduction. Now the idea of delivering audio via bone conduction isn’t new, but to see a restaurant such as KFC attempt such an experiment is interesting.

Basically in order to listen to the music, diners need to place their elbows on the table and cup their ears, and the music should be delivered to them just fine. In fact in a restaurant that could potentially get as crowded as KFC, cupping your ears might be a good way to enjoy the tunes in private, although not much else can get done.

KFC has also partnered with local artists to help design illustrations for their tables, sort of to indicate what kind of music will be playing at that table. In a statement made by KFC, “Everyone will be able to listen to local sounds by placing their elbows on the table’s surface and give them an immersive musical experience without disturbing anyone else in store.”

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