[CES 2018] There are many ways in which one can enjoy video entertainment. You could always resort to the old fashioned way such as watching it on your TV, or these days you can watch it on your computer, smartphones, or tablets. Or more recently we’re starting to see an alternative way through the use of virtual reality.


If you’re not really looking for VR, then Kopin might have something that’s kind of an in-between. Working together with Pico Interactive, the company has recently unveiled (via Engadget) a wearable home theater prototype that they’re calling “Eagle”. The concept of wearable home theaters aren’t exactly new and the idea is to create an immersive viewing experience by placing the displays directly in front of the viewer’s face, kind of like VR.

However one of the differences between Kopin’s Eagle and the competition is that it doesn’t drown out the outside world completely, which for some might be important. The Eagle will pack dual 0.49-inch OLED displays with a resolution of 720p, but it makes up for the low-resolution by offering 1,000 nits of brightness.

There are plans to eventually release the Eagle to the public, which Pico is said to be planning for a launch in China in the future, but unfortunately there is no mention of how much it will cost or if it will launch in other markets.

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