While having a TV in your living room is probably one of the most ideal setups, there are also benefits for using projectors. This is because projects take up less space than a TV would, and it can also generally project images and videos larger than a TV, although there will be certain aspects you’ll have to sacrifice in the process.


However if you’re after a projector for your home, you might be interested to learn that LG has taken the wraps off their new 4K HDR projector ahead of CES 2018. This is a projector that is capable of projecting a 4K resolution on a surface and can even go up to 150-inches, meaning that you could cover your entire wall with images or videos.

That being said, 4K projectors aren’t exactly new, but LG is boasting that compared to the competition, their 4K projector is smaller, easy to install, and all done without sacrificing image quality, and also being easy on the wallet. Of course we can’t speak to its quality based on the renders we’re seeing, but LG is expected to demo it at CES 2018 next week, so we’ll probably find out more then.

The projector will run on webOS 3.5 and have a smart TV interface. It will also offer up various connectivity options such as USB, Ethernet, HDMI, and more. No word on pricing just yet, but like we said it will be shown off at CES next week, so hopefully those details will be available then.

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