Image credit – Frédéric BISSON/Flickr

When charging our devices, it is usually a good idea to make sure that the cables we use are not faulty or frayed. As we have seen in cases in the past, this can lead to disastrous consequences. Now it seems that a man in Malaysia might have been electrocuted while charging his phone.

In a report from Bernama, the country’s local news agency, it is said that the man in question, a 35-year old laborer, was electrocuted to death while charging his phone in his friend’s house, or at least that’s what’s being assumed as his body was discovered next to his mobile phone, charger, and an extension wire. The police were alerted after his friend had discovered what had happened.

According to a police official who spoke to Bernama, “The deceased, who was a labourer, was found by his friend at around 11.30pm in an unconscious state alongside his mobile phone, charger and an extension cord.” Based on their investigations, the victim did not suffer any other injuries and that the case had been classified as sudden death.

It is unclear what kind of phone he was using or what kind of charger he was using. Handset makers typically advise against using unauthorized third-party accessories due to potential safety issues, but given that official accessories are considerably more expensive, it’s not hard to see why some refuse to pay for them.

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