If there is one problem that many iPhone owners are familiar with when it comes to the bundled charging cable, it is that it tends to fray around the edges where the connector is. This has been a problem that has been going on for many years, and one that Apple has yet to address, but perhaps the company could be thinking about changing that in the future.


In a report from Yahoo News UK, it seems that a 14-year old girl from Vietnam was electrocuted to death due to a frayed iPhone charging cable, or at least that’s what the current assumption is. The parents of the girl discovered her unconscious and rushed her to the hospital where doctors attempted to revive her, but unfortunately they were not successful, with medics reportedly “confirming” that electrocution was the cause of death.

Whether or not it is due to the frayed iPhone cable is unclear, but there’s a chance it could be due to the burnt white cable with frayed edges (see photo to the right) being found on her bed. The girl is said to have been charging her iPhone the same way as she always did every night, but it was believed that she could have rolled over onto the cable, touching the exposed live wires, which electrocuted her in the process.

It has yet to be determined if the cable in question is an official iPhone cable or a third-party one. Companies like Apple have warned customers against using unauthorized third-party accessories in the past, but given how much Apple charges for official accessories, it is understandable why some customers might turn to cheaper third-party alternatives, even if they’re not officially licensed.

Image credit – AsiaWire

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