When the Nintendo Switch was officially launched, many wondered about the console’s capabilities and what kind of things it could do besides play games. Naturally this led to questions about video streaming, in which early last year, Nintendo stated that Netflix for the Switch would eventually come in time.

Unfortunately it seems that any hopes for that happening anytime soon have since been dashed, at least according to a Netflix customer service rep who confirmed that there are no plans to arrive on the Switch. This was a tweet in response to users asking when Netflix might arrive for the console, in which the rep stated that the company currently has no plans to make that happen.

This is actually rather interesting because according to a rumor from last year, the Netflix app for the Switch was said to already be “ready”, and that it was simply waiting for Nintendo to give it the greenlight, but clearly that did not come to fruition. It is possible that maybe whatever deal both companies had did not work out, resulting in Netflix’s plans being scrapped.

In any case we guess Netflix users have no choice but to wait and see if and when the streaming service will arrive for the console. In the meantime it seems that Hulu is the first and only video streaming service available on the Switch.

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