We are approaching that point in time where Apple’s iPad lineups are due for a refresh. It is speculated that maybe they could be announced at WWDC 2018, but now it seems that it could be even later, or that’s what a recent report from Bloomberg is suggesting where they claim that Apple’s new iPad could be released towards the end of the year.

The report is talking about Apple’s push into the chipset making business, where it mentions Apple’s various endeavors with creating its own chipsets, such as the A-series chipset, the W-series chipsets that are used to quickly pair Bluetooth devices, and more recently the Neural Engine which is an AI chip, and also custom GPUs that were used for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The report reads in part, “The new iPad, due to be released toward the end of the year, will probably also include the Apple-designed graphics engine and AI chip.” Now we can’t be sure if the report is talking about a new and separate iPad, or if this is part of the iPad refresh. There have been signs indicating that Apple could be working on a “modern iPad”, which has been speculated to include Face ID and also slimmed down bezels.

It is unclear as this point in time if this iPad will be part of the iPad Pro family, or if it could represent a new iPad lineup. In any case we guess we’ll have to wait and see, but if you are planning on getting a new iPad, it’s probably best to hold off on your purchases for now if you’d rather futureproof your gadgets as much as possible.

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