According to the rumors, Apple is said to be working on an iPad with Face ID. Recently it was discovered that in the iOS 11.3 beta that there are references made to a “modern iPad”, but it is unclear as to what this means. Now it seems that there is growing evidence to suggest that the “modern iPad” is an iPad with Face ID.

In a tweet by Guilherme Rambo, it has been noted that when the iPhone X had yet to be launched, there were references talking about a “modern iPhone”, which ultimately resulted in the iPhone X with Face ID. If we were to follow that logic, a “modern iPad” would basically mean the same thing.

Of course it could really mean just about anything, but we wouldn’t put it past Apple to launch an iPad with Face ID. After all the company more or less shares its technology across its products, like bringing Touch ID to the iPad and eventually to the MacBook Pro. We also wouldn’t be surprised if Apple eventually brought Face ID onto the Mac.

So far Face ID has had some success in terms of it functioning as it should. There have been some complaints but nothing particularly outstanding. There are rumors claiming that Face ID will return to the iPhone this year where it could potentially be improved upon.

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