[CES 2018] Watching live streams in virtual reality (VR) is starting to become a thing, but the problem with the technology is that it is fixed, meaning that what you see if pretty much limited to the camera’s placement and also how wide the camera is able to shoot in. Also if someone’s standing in the way, your view is blocked and there’s not much that can be done.


However NextVR is hoping to solve that issue with the announcement of 6DoF, or 6 degrees of freedom where it will allow users watching in VR to have more freedom when it comes to the viewing angles.

According to the company’s announcement at CES 2018, “Obstructed views will be a thing of the past with the introduction of 6DoF. NextVR will give fans the freedom to move in every direction to explore the captured space while in headset. If a referee or spectator is in the way, you can simply shift and look around the field of play just as you do when you’re actually at the event. This freedom of movement provides a much more natural feeling and stronger point-of-view to witness the best action.”

Of course this is predicated on whether or not the events are streamed using NextVR’s technology. The company is expected to start by offering the feature for pre-recorded, on-demand experiences first before they launch it for live streams.

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